The controversial book is now finally available in an English language edition unabridged and updated.

PandaLeaks is a journalistic tour de force unearthing the grim secrets of the worlds biggest and most powerful wildlife conservation organization. When the German edition was first published in 2012 it went straight to the bestseller list. Despite the fact that the WWF had initially managed to stop its sale for several weeks with a massive campaign of threats to the book trade. A subsequent series of lawsuits launched by the WWF also failed to achieve a book ban.

The WWF cannot refute the facts gathered by Wilfried Huismann during his two-year research expedition to all corners of the green empire: the WWF is in bed with the worlds biggest environmental polluters; it greenwashes the ecological crimes of Big Business, the corporations currently destroying the last remaining rainforests and natural habitats on earth; and it accepts their money.  The author dug deep into the history of the WWF and found several skeletons in the closet: the elite secret club known as The 1001, and a private military commando unit deployed in Africa against big game poachers and against black African liberation movements. In the name of environmental protection the WWF has initiated the displacement and cultural extinction of indigenous peoples the world over. The German newspaper Die Welt wrote: The revelations of this book shatter faith in the panda as a force for good.

PandaLeaks is available as an ebook for 8,99 / 9,99 $ and as a book on demand (256 pages) for 19,99 (VAT not included) / 24,99 $. You can buy it directly on our homepage, or at Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Google play.

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Tatort: Brüder

Premiere: 23.2.2014 ARD

Drehbuch: Wilfried Huismann&Dagmar Gabler

Regie: Florian Baxmeyer

mit: Sabine Postel, Oliver Mommsen,Dar Salim,Christoph Letkowski, Matthias Weidenhöfer

Redaktion: Annette Strelow (Radio Bremen)

"Selten zielte ein Tatort so klar und gnadenlos in einen Brennpunkt der Gesellschaft...herausragend." (Hör Zu) 


Schwarzbuch WWF

von Wilfried Huismann

Gütersloh 2012, 256 Seiten

"Es ist leichter, in die Geheimnisse der CIA einzudringen, als in die des WWF".

(Raymond Bonner, New York Times)  



Der Pakt mit dem Panda

Dokumentarfilm von Wilfried Huismann (WDR/SWR 2011) 45 min / 50 minutes

The silence of the Pandas

distributor: www.globalscreen.de





Drehbuch: Wilfried Huismann@Dagmar Gabler

Regie: Florian Baxmeyer , Radio Bremen 2010

mit Jürgen Prochnow, Sabine Postel, Oliver Mommsen


"Es ist die Geschichte, die die Faszination dieses Films ausmacht:ihre Komplexität, aber auch ihre Ungeheuerlichkeit; und die Gewissheit, dass alles wahr ist." (kino.de)


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